Prohibited goods to deliver

POSHTA UA doesn’t accept for delivery services such goods as:

firearms and ammunition for it;

cold steel and other items intended for attack and defense;

animals, birds and poisonous plants (living beings and inanimate objects);

narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogues;

national and foreign currency, products made of silver, gold and other precious metals;

food products, the shelf life of which does not exceed 10 days;

motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles that contain fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil). Before handing over the shipments, the customer must drain the fuel and pay special attention to the packaging of the shipment: fragile, sharp parts of the body MUST be wrapped in corrugated cardboard and tape, and all Shipments must be packed in a wooden box;

shipments that are not protected or packaged according to their weight, shape, nature of content and duration of delivery;

shipments without the necessary documents confirming the contents of the investment and its value, if the provision of such documents is required by the terms of the Regulations or current Laws of Ukraine;

shipments with incompletely or incorrectly filled in columns regarding the consigner, consignee or payer, placed in the consignment note;

damaged shipments and shipments in damaged packaging;

shipments that require a special temperature regime of transportation and storage;

shipments of exceptional and / or difficult value, such as works of art, jewelry, precious stones or other unique items;

shipments containing fragile content, perishable goods or in need of specific protection and handling;

shipments, the transportation of which is prohibited by the Laws of Ukraine or which require specific official or other procedures or the application of protective measures;

shipments, the contents of which may lead to death or deterioration of human health, loss or damage to things and / or devices, or those that are not suitable for delivery using existing vehicles;

shipments containing any glass or mirror, except for similar goods in proper packaging. In this case, the value is not indicated, and the customer is warned in advance that in case of damage to the shipment, no compensation is paid.

items that according to the law can be delivered only by the state postal operator;

plants (seedlings, flowers), except for seedlings of trees and shrubs;

fur and fur products;

explosives of the first class of danger (except for subclasses 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6);

gases that are under pressure vessels and belong to the second hazard class, namely:

- non-flammable gases;

- non-flammable poisonous gases;

- flammable gases;

- flammable poisonous gases;

- chemically unstable gases;

- chemically unstable poisonous gases.

flammable liquids of the third class of danger:

- substances with a high degree of danger: flammable liquids with a boiling or boiling point not exceeding 35 °C and flammable liquids with an ignition temperature below 23 °C, which are highly toxic or highly corrosive.

- substances with a medium degree of danger: flammable liquids with an ignition temperature below 23 °C, which do not belong to the first group of packaging.

- substances with a low degree of danger: flammable liquids with ignition temperature from 23 °C to 61 °C inclusive.

flammable substances and materials of the fourth class of danger:

- flammable solids;

- substances prone to spontaneous combustion;

- substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water.

oxidizing substances and organic peroxides of the fifth class of danger:

- oxidizing substances;

- organic peroxides.

toxic and infectious substances of the sixth class of danger:

- toxic substances;

- infectious substances.

radioactive substances of the seventh class of danger.

In case of detection of items prohibited for delivery service by the current Laws of Ukraine, the shipment is delayed until the arrival of law enforcement officers. The customer shall bear full responsibility for the accuracy, correctness of the indication of the contents of the shipment and its compliance with the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine.