Check in on our website or in the mobile app, then create a waybill.

You can visit any post office of ‘POSHTA UA’ or book a courier too.

The maximum practical parcel weight is 30 kg, while the maximum length of one side is 120 cm. We want to remove any restrictions in the future.

Find the waybill number and fit it on the official website or in the app.

Use our site or app to search for the nearest one. All the necessary information can be found in the ‘Post offices’ or ‘Find a post office’ section. But also remember that we can also pick up the parcel from your address.

We want to simplify the delivery process as much as possible, so to receive a prepaid shipment, identify yourself in the mobile application or by SMS-code.

In the case of C. O. D. receiving, it’s necessary:

less than 5,000 UAH - to identify yourself in the mobile application or by SMS-code;

more than 5,000 UAH - to provide a passport (or ID card) and identification code.

If you are a representative of a legal entity, it’s obligatory to provide the passport (or ID card) and power of attorney discharged for you.

Of course, you can give a look over your parcel before you pay for it.

Within the city it can be delivered on the same day, within the region - tomorrow. Today the corporate network is represented in such cities as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro. Door-to-door delivery is available in other 40 cities.

Learn more about the pick up and the delivery schedule on our site or in the app.

You can order a parcel pick up personal delivery service using the personal account on the site or in the app in the 'Book a courier' section. It’s possible to calculate the delivery cost too.

In addition, you are free to refer to our Contact center or use the chatbot on the site.

The parcel can be stored free of charge for 10 calendar days. After, the cost of storage is calculated this way:

The parcel can be stored free of charge for 10 calendar days. After, the cost of storage is calculated this way:

for parcels up to 15 kg - 10 UAH per day;

for parcels over 15 kg - 20 UAH per day.

The automatic return carries out for free.

You can make changes in your POSHTA UA personal account or call a hotline. Contact phone number: 0800-30-21-21.

Just call the hotline (contact phone number: 0800-30-21-21) or send a letter on our email, the operator will advise you on how to proceed.

The declared value serves as the insurance tool for your parcel in case of any unexpected damages or lost circumstances that may occur during the service process.

To ensure the integrity of the delivery, to the total cost of delivery is added a fee of 0.5% of the declared value. Therefore, it’s recommended to indicate the true cost of delivering goods.

The maximum declared values is:

up to 30,000 (thirty thousand) UAH - for the parcel of 1 kg (inclusive).

up to 100,000 (one hundred thousand) UAH - for the parcel of 30 kg (inclusive).

Yes, we offer an individual rate calculation for the clients, which signed the cooperation agreement. It may depend on the number of parcels, their size and value, the transportation route and delivery method. Please, contact our Sales department to get more information according to the subject.

Contact phone number: 0800-30-21-21

You are free to choose the payment method, for example to use cash or prefer a contactless cards one. We are open to new technologies, so are aimed to make payment as easy as possible.

Yes, of course. Since POSHTA UA is not a financial company, according to the Laws of Ukraine we are obliged to engage the bank. The fee amounts to 2.7% of the total sum.